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The Walking Man (thumbnail) Lost Boy (thumbnail) blue, orange, love, couple, old, figures, figure, woman, lost, man (thumbnail) La Passeggiata (thumbnail) One Last Dance (thumbnail) Whispering Girls (thumbnail) Seated Man (thumbnail) One Step Forward, One Step Back (thumbnail) Everything's Gonna Be Alright (thumbnail) Walk Away (thumbnail) Behind the Red Curtain (thumbnail) il Postino (thumbnail) Serenity (thumbnail) till death do us part. (thumbnail) La Fantasma (thumbnail) In the Orange Heat (thumbnail) Lady in Blue (thumbnail) La Fanciulla (thumbnail) Study in Grey (thumbnail) Carl and Dotty (thumbnail) Enveloped in Red (thumbnail) in the spring (thumbnail) Into the Sunset (thumbnail) Ballerina II (thumbnail) The Wanderer (thumbnail) Exit in Pink (thumbnail) Sahara (thumbnail) Bathed in Yellow (thumbnail) Father and Daughter (thumbnail) Nonna (thumbnail) Bathed in Orange (thumbnail) Stai Con Me (thumbnail) Leaning girl (thumbnail)
Lost Boy (large view)
Lost Boy
Oil and mixed media.
30" H x 40" W